Appreciate you visiting The Vegan Caveman. As a vegan my whole life and as a male, I have always been interested in recreating some of the best manly recipes. I saw there were a lot of vegan blogs + recipes out there but not a lot of them focused on creating dishes that men were interested in or were "traditionally" manly. 

This site is dedicated to challenging what vegan food can be. We want to turn plants into amazing foods you want to eat like BBQ, tacos, sandwiches ... but all plant-based, healthy as hell, easy-to-make, and healthier for you.

This began as a man having conversations with men, but this is a place for anyone and everyone. Much of my life, my conversations with men and women about being vegan mostly revolved around that they were addicted to meat, couldn't give it up, its too hard, and that the taste was too good to ever consider anything else.

Further, they didn't even know where to start. Well...here I am!

My Recipes

1. They are always vegan and a healthier option!

2. They are nearly always gluten-free, sugar-free, and often even grain-free.

3. They will often be paleo, Whole30 Veg, and many other diets.

My Reason for Doing This

I want to create a true resource for everyone - meat eaters, vegans, and anything in between. When you come here, I want you to know that I'm trying to make an environment where you can create amazing food, wow yourself and your loved ones, and do something that is better for you and our world.

I believe a lot of men and women really do want and even need to make healthier choices but aren't interested in veggie plates (not that you can't make an amazing veggie plate). I want men and women to come to this site and be wowed by the creations, the ease in which we put recipes together so they don't seem overwhelming, and to enjoy taking on the challenges we take on. Why can't we create an amazing vegan version of nachos, chicken biscuit sandwiches, pulled pork, spaghetti with meatballs...and at the same time make smarter choices for our bodies and our world. 

Vegan food will make your heart healthier. Make you sexier. And is better for the planet. Let's create food together with a conscience for ourselves, those we care about, and those we don't even know. 

This is me. This is The Vegan Caveman.